Nathan (Cole Williams), 24, is a travel journalist from Los Angeles assigned to write about romantic hot-spots in California’s Napa Valley. Maggie (Amber Benson), 24, is trying to figure out how to turn her political science degree into a career. Although Nathan and Maggie both have boyfriends, they are in the throes of a passionate affair, and this will be their first weekend away together. En route to Napa, they visit Joe (Justin Hartley) and Carla (Danielle Thomas) – friends of Maggie’s from college.  A spontaneous seduction brings to light their hopes and fears, forcing Nathan and Maggie to confront the reality of their romance as they drive through a gold and green autumn in wine country. Each turn is a test as these unconventional lovers try to rescue the sensuality and fantasy that bonds them.

Written and directed by
Russell Brown

Produced by
Russell Brown and Roni Deitz

Edited by
Annette Davey

Cinematography by
Marco Fargnoli

Amber Benson
Cole Williams

Also starring:
Jeremy Lelliott
Justin Zachary
Danielle Harris
Justin Hartley


  • Frameline
  • Philadelpha Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • Cleveland International Film Festival
  • Cardiff International Film Festival
  • Reel Affirmations Film Festival
  • Glasgay
  • Helsinki Film Festival
  • Festival Mix Brazil
  • Tampa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Outfest Film Festival